The USA Country Pant Stretcher Can Solve Your Problem.... With an Instant Stretch 

A heavy duty 'easy to use' pant stretcher that will not break or bend like the plastic ones tend to do. This 'Universal Size Adjustment' Pant Stretcher is an "original" made right here in the USA. All metal and wood except for the rubber coating on the turn handle for a better grip. The regular size (medium to large waist) stretcher will stretch pants with a range from 30" to 59". If your waist size is 32" to 57" then the regular size should be right for you.

   REGULAR SIZE 30" TO 59" STRETCH RANGE                  


Also available is a stretcher for smaller waist sizes. The stretch range for this stretcher is 22" to 35". If your waist size is  between 24" to 32" this smaller range stretcher should be right for you.




                                                                               FROM THIS                                                                TO THIS.... IN 5 MINUTES

Both stretchers come with metal extension rods to extend the stretch range to the maximum stretch. This Country Stretcher is easy to operate and has the strength and durability to stretch any pair of pants from an uncomfortable "Tight" fit to a comfortable "This is Just Right" fit. You can get several inches of stretch from jeans, casual and dress pants alike, depending upon the material. Pants will shrink over time as they are washed and dried, and can eventually reach a stage where it just hurts too much to wear them. Even if you've gained a little in the waist, this stretcher can help by stretching your pants to fit you.

STRETCH INSTRUCTIONS: Buckle or hook your pants together at the waist. Adjust the stretcher until it fits snugly in your pants. Tighten with the turn handle for actual stretching. Both wooden ends will move outward from the handle. You can likely get a 1" stretch within just a few minutes (especially with jeans). For more stretch it is best to leave the stretcher in the pants for an hour or two, even tightening a little from time to time. Dampening the waist area and then stretching will help get an even greater stretch, while allowing the pants to dry in the stretcher. This pant stretcher will not break or bend while stretching your pants, so be careful not to stretch to the “thread popping” or “button popping” stage.

The USA Country Pant Stretcher should last you through a life time of pant stretching’s. If it breaks anytime while stretching your pants, I'll fix it, or replace it. This is what's called a LIFETIME WARRANTY. There's no need to purchase an extended "limited" warranty like they offer with the plastic versions. I'll give you one for FREE. It also comes with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE if it doesn't suit you for whatever reason you choose. 

After creating this pant stretcher that can stand the pressure without breaking or bending, I pulled my old “too tight” Levi and Wrangler jeans off the top shelf and now I’m wearing pants I wore 25 years ago. I also use it on my Sunday “go to meeting” pants that I thought I would never be able to wear again. If you have "too tight" pants hanging in your closet, or sitting on that top shelf, or even just recently bought a pair that now seems a little too snug after the first washing or two, then this stretcher can help you.... I know it did me.

I'm happier now that my jeans fit me and I don't have to fit my jeans.  Neal E Hall

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Regular Size 30"- 59"
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Small Size 22" - 35"
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